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Title:Twisted 2s #49 Juan Valejo Corona & Crop Circles
Published:14 November 2018
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Juan Vallejo Corona and Crop Circles

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.

For this week, we check out on one of the worst serial killers in California’s history, and the mysterious existence and possible origins of crop circles. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted Two's.

#1 Juan Vallejo Corona

In the spring of 1971, a peach orchard farm in Yuba County, California became the site of a gruesome discovery – it was the hiding spot for 25 dead bodies.

Mexico-born, Juan Vallejo Corona, first crossed the border to the United States when he was 16-years old and he started work on a farm in Imperial Valley – picking carrots and melons. Afterwards, he moved to Sacramento Valley then to Yuba City at the suggestion of his half-brother, Natividad Corona, who had a restraraunt business there. Corona then married his first wife in October of 1953 and established himself as a local ranch worker, things were going well.

#2 Crop Circles

First coined in the 1980s, the term “crop circle” points to mysterious circle patterns resulting from flattened field crops. The Majority of crop circles are found in the United Kingdom but several others have shown up all over the world.

There are two schools of thought regarding these mysterious patterns. One is that they’re nothing but pure hoax, done by people and even artists who want to make a statement. Then there’s the other school believing that these crop circles are genuinely alien, some sort of map or message that they’re trying to communicate.


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